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Del verbo “symbioun”: vivir juntos, convivir.

Reencontrar esa relación intima y medular que existe entre la humanidad y la Naturaleza desde tiempos remotos, da lugar al equilibrio necesario que alimenta la convivencia y sostiene esa conexión profunda entre ambos, para vivir en un estado de simbiosis permanente de intercambio con la Tierra.

Descubrir los caminos que nos llevan hacia el sentido simbiótico con el entorno, nos abre la puerta para perdernos en la calma de los elementos naturales y ser uno mismo con la Naturaleza.

Fotografía digital/ toma directa/ 2021.

Vestidos creados con ramas y hojas recolectadas de las podas de  la calle.


From the latin verb “symbioun”: live together, coexist.

Rediscover that intamate and core relationship that exist between humanity and Nature, since ancient times,gives rise to the necessary balance that feeds coexistence, and sustains that deep connection between both, to live in a state of symbiosis of exchange with the Earth. Encourage us to walk the paths, that lead towards a symbiotic sense with the environmet, opens the door to loose ourselves in the calm of natural elements and be oneself with Nature.

This series is acall to rediscover that primary bond and reincorporate it as part of our existence, to create a relationship of respect and mutual consecreation with Moher Earth,with whom we share the same rights

These dresses were made with leaves and branches, collected from street pruning.,and they symbolized the fusion and balance that we can achived by living in harmony with Nature, and invite us to become and feel the enviroment by protecting it from the irrational exploitation of its resources.

Digital photography/ direct shot/ 2021